Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We offer a customised service, designed around our clients’ specific requirements. Whether on your site, or off site, we can log in remotely and ensure you still have access to all accounts.

Alternatively if you do not want the investment of accounting software, we can manage your accounts in our office.


This is understandably a popular service and includes all regulatory aspects such as P30, P35, P45, along with payslips. Reports for external accountants are provided where required. Routine dealings with the Revenue are, of course, included. Users of these services require a high level of accuracy and confidentiality, with easy access to our payroll manager.


We are well placed to identify the VAT needs of individual cases and deal with same on a timely basis. Because of the nature of VAT and the amounts of money involved, the Revenue places a high priority on compliance. We work with clients to ensure they are viewed as compliant tax payers in the eyes of Revenue.

Debtors Ledger

Maintaining a debtors ledger for clients is critical. Clients seeking such a ledger often require the preparation and prompt dispatch of monthly statements which can be done directly from this office, electronically or by paper. In our experience, clients place a high value on the capacity to drill down with accuracy to see movements throughout the year to identify not only invoices, credit notes and payments but also contras, off-sets and discounts. This will be provided upon request.

Creditors Ledger

Similar to the debtors ledger, this requires a high level of accuracy. Clients may also wish us to reconcile the individual balances on the ledgers with supplier statements to ensure that outstanding credit notes or invoices are accounted for correctly. Foreign exchange invoices pose no problem. Clients who avail of this will always know how much they owe, as well as the composition and age of the debt.

Personal Tax

All self-employed people, company directors, and those who have additional income over and above their employment income are required to make personal tax returns by the 31st of October each year. We currently provide this service to hundreds of taxpayers. We always ensure they have not omitted any allowance and that we claim, for example, for all health and medical expenses, third level colleges costs, and income arising or payments arising as a result of a divorce or separation.

The client is provided with a full copy of the form returned to Revenue, along with the computation and a short report identifying some aspects that they may give consideration to going forward as good housekeeping issues.

Company Secretarial

Company secretarial for most businesses revolves around the provision of annual returns for the Companies’ Office to accompany the abridged accounts and the maintenance of the seven statutory registers. We are well placed to not only deal with the routine of company secretarial but also with the non-routine items such as transfer of shares, movement of directors and the dealing of matters around the AGM where there are contentious issues at play.

Management Accounts

The provision of management accounts can be prepared externally in our offices or may prepared by us on the company’s own software system remotely. Such accounts will ensure that the key figures – bank, PAYE, VAT, debtors & creditors – are reconciled.

  • Self employed people
  • Contractors
  • Hair Salons
  • Insurance brokers
  • Solicitors / Doctors
  • Franchises
  • Recruitment
  • Agencies
  • Catering
  • Multi-nationals
  • Tradesmen
  • Event management
  • Private investigation
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Window installation
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

and many more …….

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