Kendlebell™ Franchise Expression of Interest Form

The Perfect Answer

At Kendlebell our business is offering solutions to companies that wish to focus on their core business. If they are out of the office, engaged on another telephone conversation or simply do not wish to be disturbed, we will supply a trained Kendlebell Personal Assistant to answer for them.

Unlike any other answering specialist we take exceptional steps to ensure the same people consistently take client calls allowing them to develop a close relationship and rapport with the clients and understand their individual business needs.

More than Just Messaging

Answering calls is only a part of the Kendlebell service. Using our own specially designed computer system we can run diaries, make appointments, provide non-geographic numbers, send out literature and even take orders. In fact we aim to satisfy every client request. We can also provide non-geographic (18XX) and geographic (01, 021, etc.) numbers for clients wanting to enhance their marketing activity and personal Voicemail for “out of hours” use.

The Kendlebell Formula

Kendlebell operates a franchise system empowering people to work for themselves ideally in a small office environment. We believe strongly in the importance of providing “the personal touch” in the service that we provide. We also believe that the best way of ensuring this is by Franchising rather than by employing an army of call handlers ourselves and locating them all in one central place – a traditional call centre. Franchisees are owners of their business and are therefore highly motivated to ensure their customers are looked after to a standard that traditional call centres can never hope to achieve. This is why the formula we have devised is able to deliver a superior quality of service whilst also benefiting from the obvious advantages of a nationally promoted brand.

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Franchisee Video Testimonials

Kendlebell operates four franchises in the Dublin / Kildare area. Here Tony Clark of Kendlebell Naas and Donal Daly of Kendlebell County Dublin give an insight into their businesses.

Kendlebell Naas

Tony Clarke of Kendlebell Naas on how he has made a successful business out of his Kendlebell franchise.

Kendlebell County Dublin

Franchisee Donal Daly talks about his experiences of taking a Kendlebell franchise.