Outsourced Call Centre Services

We offer a call delivery solution with outstanding management of customer relationships, giving you confidence to outsource your call centre services.

Our PAs will have a good knowledge of you and your business, this is beneficial to your business as we ensure your existing and potential customers get the impression that they are talking to one of your own staff and any queries they may have can be answered correctly.

As every client is allocated 2-3 PAs as part of our unique service, they are able to get to know not only your business but also your customers, creating a more personal and friendly experience whenever they call up, therefore a professional image and giving the impression that they are speaking to one of your own staff. Your customers will be able to speak to the same friendly, professional and knowledgeable person every time they call. If necessary, we can forward calls onto a nominated number when requested.

As an additional part of our service we monitor the number of calls you receive, what time of day the calls arrive, and the duration of each call and report this back to you for your information. At Kendlebell we do our utmost to help you run your company to the best of your ability which is why our services include; assessing promotional activity, managing report facilities, planning staff resources, and reducing business overheads.

Customer Testimonials:

“We have used Kendlebell for a good number of years. We find them excellent and efficient. It eliminates the need for a Full Time Receptionist and we get our messages instantly by text and email. This is followed at the end of the day by a Full Report of all of the calls for the day so it helps keep our Customer Service at CMS to a very high standard. I would highly recommend Kendlebell.”

Daniel Collins, Managing Director

CMS – Copy and Mailroom Solutions

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