Virtual Receptionist Service

By outsourcing the receptionist activity to Kendlebell, a company can re-allocate staff to revenue earning or administrative activities or they can decide simply not to replace the staff ensuring a significant saving in the reception costs.

The Kendlebell team will act exactly as you would expect any receptionist to operate. They will take all incoming calls and transfer them through to the department or member of staff sought. If these individuals are not available, they can give callers the option to leave a voicemail or simply take a message to send on later. This they will do immediately by text or email with an end of day email being sent as well.

The Kendlebell Virtual Reception service works best where companies have Direct Dial Inward extensions each with their own phone number. This allows calls to be transferred simply and also gives outside callers the option of leaving a voicemail should the person they are calling not be available.

Customer Testimonials:

“TherapyXperts have been customers of Kendlebell since 2007, using their services as virtual receptionists for a number of interrelated healthcare businesses to excellent effect. We find the Kendlebell team better than having a single onsite receptionist especially in respect of being able to handle multiple calls simultaneously and also in terms of not needing backup cover for annual leave/sickness.

Kendlebell deliver a premium quality service that enhances our business at a reasonable price.”

Mairead O’Riordan – Owner / Director


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