Management of Out of Hours Personalised Voicemail

Information relayed is: Name of caller and business name if given, telephone number, message, time and date of message left. This can be added to any Kendlebell package.

Voicemail Only

If you do NOT require the services of our personal assistants to answer your calls but you simply want the use of your own VOICEMAIL system we can help. Kendlebell can provide you with a remote VOICEBOX on which you can:

  • record your own greeting
  • have callers leave you voice messages
  • retrieve those messages from anywhere in the world, day or night
  • be notified by email each time a caller leaves a message

You will be given your own special telephone number for the voicebox as well as a PIN number to ensure only you are able to retrieve the messages and set the greeting. Your VOICEBOX will be available 24/7 and for 365 days a year.

Out of Hours Calls

Calls made out of hours can mean losing potential customers. At Kendlebell we offer a specialised and effective approach to handling calls outside of office hours. We can manage your out of hours calls with our 24 by 7 product. The personalised service we offer during the day is also available through the night.

As well as transferring calls and setting up automated recorded messages on your behalf if you so wish. Additionally, we can set up an alert to be delivered to your email account.

At Kendlebell we have everything covered so you can relax and concentrate your efforts into running your business.

Included in Telephone Answering tariff. Bespoke pricing can be agreed on an individual basis.

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