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Covid 19 Temporary Telephone Staff Cover

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Many businesses today are greatly affected by Covid 19, and the problems businesses are having in simple tasks such as answering the phones in the workplace. With high levels of contraction among families in Ireland and the resultant fallout with family members not being available for work because they are close contacts, businesses are being badly affected. Receptionists, secretaries, customer service representatives are not turning up to work in their droves. As a result, phones are ringing out in businesses all over Ireland.

Unanswered calls mean loss of business

If your business is not able to answer a call, it will reflect badly on your reputation and professionalism. It may be a potential new customer, an upset customer, your biggest customer or someone who wants to pay you for work or products. You don’t want to miss a call!

How can we assist you?

Kendlebell can help here. With very little set up involved, businesses can forward their telephone switch to a Kendlebell office. We will answer their phones to a script as agreed with them and either take messages and email on or patch the call through to relevant extensions at work. This will work seamlessly. The caller will not be aware that the business has outsourced their telephone answering service. This will mean that many businesses will be able to have their reception handled or their customer service queries dealt with although they are down staff due to Covid 19. Learn more about prices and long term arrangements here 

How long will this service last?

This service provided by Kendlebell can be performed for a long or short period, from 1 day up to a number of weeks if necessary. Once we receive the relevant information from a business, we can set up in minutes. We charge a fixed fee per day covering up to 15 messages a day and then a rate per message for messages in excess of 15. Once set up, this service can be turned on for a day or a few hours as is needed and depending on your level of staff on a given day.

What do we need?

We will require some background information on the business, access to their website, and a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) so that we can deal with typical caller queries. When the above has been received, we will train our PAs (Personal Assistants) before going live so that they are in a position to offer a seamless service to callers to any business.

In short, we will offer a very efficient and cost-effective service to allow your business deal with the short-term consequences of Covid 19.

To learn more about Kendlebell visit our website here