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General Information

What are Kendlebell’s hours?

Our normal hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm (including lunch hours). This covers the majority of our clients needs. However we can provide extended hours and a full 24 X 7 Service if required. We’re there for whenever you need us!

Where is Kendlebell Fairview located?

We are located on Kandoy House, 2 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3. We are on the top floor of a new building with a Eurospar on the ground floor, opposite Kirwan’s undertakers.

What services do we provide in Kendlebell Fairview?

We answer your calls; handle queries, schedule appointments and can even act as your service desk. We also provide Outbound Calling Services, Business Telephone Numbers including 1800, 1850, 1890 and 0818 numbers as well as an extensive range of Customer Services such as our Diary Management, Order Processing and Service Desk offerings.
We provide customer service on your terms by tailoring our offerings to meet your needs, no matter how diverse they are. You can mix and match and combine or customise any of our services at any time. It’s customer service – your way. We also provide a range of back office services including processing orders, invoicing, debt collection.

What type of companies to Kendlebell provide service to?

We provide services to a diverse range of clients whether they are a sole trader, a tradesman, an entrepreneur, a professional service, a B2C company or even a multinational. We have the resources and experience to deal with any kind or size of company.

How Does Diary Management work?

Our PA’s can answer your calls and make appointments, saving you up to 70% of the cost of employing a receptionist.

While you are busy in meetings or with clients, your dedicated team of PA’s at Kendlebell can be taking calls and booking appointments for you as well as making entries into your online diary. We can access your online diary securely using a Username and Password, providing you with a comprehensive Diary Management service.

Telephone Answering

Live Telephone Answering

Every call is answered by one of our live PA’s. They will answer to a script as agreed with you in advance and then either take messages and email or text on, transfer calls to your landline or mobile, update your diary or your CRM.

What is the difference between Telephone Answering and Virtual Reception?

Our Telephone Answering Service is conducted by our team of nominated PA’s who answer your calls in your businesses name, gather the details you require from each caller and relay this information to you by priority text or email.

Our Virtual Receptionist Service is similar however our PA’s will contact you on your mobile or landline, giving you the option to accept or reject the call. If accepted the call is transferred seamlessly to you, reject it and we will take a message which is then relayed by text/email.

How does Telephone Answering / Virtual reception work in practice?

First the incoming call is answered by our PA’s in your personalised greeting. The caller’s name, contact details and query is taken and they are briefly placed on hold. The client is then contacted and asked whether they wish to take the call.

Should they accept the call it is immediately transferred to their landline or mobile. If they are unavailable/don’t wish to take the call we take a message and relay the details by text/email.

How do our PAs answer your calls?

Our PA’s will answer every call in your business name. You simply inform us how you’d like us to greet your customers and we’ll greet them in that exact manner. It’s that simple! What’s more you can change/tweak this greeting any time.

How do our PA’s deal with callers questions?

Our team of nominated PA’s are fully informed about how your business operates. When a call comes in our information screens will display information about you such as your name, location, hours and services.

We encourage you to work closely with your nominated PA’s so they are then able to share this information and respond to any questions asked.

Holidays, Sickness, Lunches, Breaks Maternity Leave: Can Kendlebell help me here?

We’re here for whenever you need us, whether it’s during your normal business hours, to provide cover for lunch, holiday or maternity breaks, to act as your contingency service or simply to be there when you are in meetings. You can forward your telephones to us whenever you need to and are only invoiced for the calls we take on your behalf when you forward to us.

Contract/ Free Trial

Can I try the service out before committing?

Why not try us for free! We’re so confident about the quality of our services that we encourage customers to take our no cost, no obligation free trial and see first-hand the benefits their business can reap. Trust us you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

If you wish to set-up a free trial simply contact us on 1800 839 955.

What is the length of contract I need to sign?

We only ask you to sign-up for a minimum of 3 months. Thereafter we would only require 30 days’ notice to cancel.

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