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Outsourced Helpdesk and Ticketing Service

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Kendlebell provide Outsourced Helpdesk and Ticketing Services to many of our clients in the IT and other industries. As an outsourced telephone support service, we will provide our customers with a dedicated number which will terminate in our call centre.

How does an Outsourced Helpdesk Service operate?

The Kendlebell staff will be trained on how to answer any FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) before going live. All helpdesk queries will be directed to this number by the Kendlebell client. The Kendlebell staff will answer all calls and try to help callers with their queries. It could also operate on an overflow or out of hours basis or just when you are short staffed.

Benefits of an Outsourced Helpdesk Service

This service guarantees that all calls will be answered in a professional and friendly manner as if the telephone assistant was a company employee. Reduced frustration by customers is inevitable as they get to speak to an operator (they will not know this service is outsourced) and have their query answered or logged for a call back. The tone of voice and words used will reflect your brief and agreed style. Kendlebell deliver an Outsourced Helpdesk Service that will raise the level of customer service you provide and enhance your reputation in the marketplace.

How does an Outsourced Ticketing System operate?

Many of our IT customers also use a ticketing system to help handle helpdesk queries. IT ticket is the generalised term used to refer to a record of work performed (or needing to be performed) by the IT support organization to operate their company’s technology environment, fix issues and resolve user requests. It can be very demanding as some companies have highly paid engineers answering calls just to book them into the Ticketing System. In addition, customers get stressed if their call is not answered. Most customers relax once the call is logged and in the Ticketing System as they know it will be sorted shortly afterwards.

Using a ticketing system improves customer service and satisfaction. It’s an easy way for customers to ask for help and for the IT company to provide that assistance effectively and efficiently. When a customer runs into an issue with our client’s product or service, they can demand assistance immediately. The Kendlebell staff will log all calls that they can’t deal with immediately (based on the agreed FAQ’s) on to our client’s ticketing system and this will allow our client to get back to the caller later with a solution to their problem. This service can be put into place seamlessly with the Kendlebell client giving username and password access to Kendlebell staff to log details into their ticketing system.

Benefits of an Outsourcing Ticketing System

Outsourcing the helpdesk / ticketing system to a company like Kendlebell allows our clients to get on with their core work. They can deal with priority ticket issues in an orderly and timely manner as they will have been recorded by Kendlebell and given a level of priority to indicate their importance. It is also very cost effective for the Kendlebell client as they are paying on a “per message “basis for the ticketing work undertaken by Kendlebell. Customer queries whether by phone or email can be handled by Kendlebell staff in an efficient manner.

Kendlebell Overview

Kendlebell was set up In Ireland in 2006 and now have 4 offices providing a diverse range of services to the SME market. We provide a range of Outsource Solutions to the Business Community. Kendlebell were awarded the Business All – Star Accreditation for the second time in a row recently. Learn more about the full range of Kendlebell inbound services here 

Among our services are:

Business Telephone Answering / Message Taking.

We provide a personal telephone answering service for your business calls. All your calls are answered by your own PA, giving you peace of mind that you will never miss another new enquiry again. A call answering script is agreed in advance. All your business calls are answered in a professional and friendly manner as if we were part of your team. Our Business phone answering service is delivered at a fraction of the cost of employing staff, involves no administration and gives an excellent first impression. Messages are passed to you instantly by either text-to-mobile, email or you can phone in and speak to your Kendlebell PA at any time.

Virtual Reception services

The Kendlebell team will act exactly as you would expect any receptionist to operate. They will take all incoming calls and transfer them through to the direct dial or mobile of the member of staff sought. If these individuals are not available, they can give callers the option to leave a voicemail or simply take a message which the PA will send on immediately. They will do so immediately by text or email with an end of day report summarising all your calls being sent as well. All of this is done seamlessly and without the company’s customers being aware that you are suing a virtual receptionist from Kendlebell.

Customer Helpdesk / Order Taking

Services include capturing caller’s details and asking qualifying questions to get further information you may require. With each client, we agree call handling instructions to ensure our services benefit your company, freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business. We can link to your CRM /Sales Systems remotely and securely. We also provide cold call screening as part of our phone answering services. Messages will be forwarded on to you immediately by email or text, alternatively we can save and forward these messages at an agreed time. You will also receive a daily email summary of messages.

Visit our service page here for more information on all our services.