Business Phone Answering Service & Message Taking

Our Virtual Receptionist is the first person a new or existing customer will speak to when they call you, creating that vital first impression when answering your call. You want them to be impressed and know that they are dealing with a high quality organisation. So, you need to be assured that they will always be dealt with in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.

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Never miss an important call again with our Call Answering service



Kendlebell always provide a simple and cost effective call answering service by allowing you to have an extra resource on call.

We provide a personal telephone answering service for your business calls. All your calls are answered by your own PA, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never miss another new enquiry again.

A call answering script is agreed in advance. All your business calls are answered in a professional and friendly manner as if we were part of your team.

Our Business phone answering service is delivered at a fraction of the cost of employing staff, involves no administration and gives an excellent first impression. Messages are passed to you instantly by either text-to-mobile, email or you can phone in and speak to your Kendlebell PA at any time.

This call answering service is offered at a very competeitive price, as you only pay for the calls received. See our price calculator and check out how much you will pay based on the number of calls y ou receive monthly  – look here  prices

Read our blog on the advantages of outsourcing yout Business Telephone Answering  here 

How it works in three easy steps

Our Business Call Answering service is implemented in three simple steps. We provide you with a number, create a bespoke script for your business and then send you the message.


The Phone Number

We can provide you with a phone number. The number can be a geographic number from any part of Ireland and the UK or a non-geographic number such a 1800 (freephone number). You can choose to use this number or have your current business number diverted to it. Some companies use a new number so calls can be tracked from web sites, advertising, and social media


The Script

Together with you, we create a bespoke script for your business. We learn about your business so we can create a positive first impression. This is the script that our call answering team will use when they answer your calls. Our team also learn the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), such as opening times, directions etc. We agree what actions are required for the different types of calls.

Overflow Call Answering when you are busy


The Message

Once a call is answered we take the caller’s message and contact details and have them emailed and / or texted to you as per your instructions. The email will usually contain the caller’s name, contact details and a summary of the message. At the end of the day a summary of all calls that were received can be sent to you.

Free Trial - 7 days trial to see how it works & no obligation to continue

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