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Local telephone numbers can increase your sales

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Local telephone numbers can increase your sales

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Local numbers have become the preferred choice in recent years amongst successful businesses. When a customer is in search of products and services, local directories and searching locally online is the preferred choice of many. If you want to show your customers you operate locally, one of the best ways to do so is to choose a local phone number.

Local phone numbers are a great way to establish a local presence within a community whether you have a physical presence or not. See here for more information on what Kendlebell can do for you and provide local numbers. There are many benefits to having a local number and a low cost number for your customers

Establishing a presence in new area or countries

A lot of people would rather shop locally, therefore having a local number could mean attracting more potential customers to your service as they may be more likely to trust you. Also, if the service is required immediately most people will want to shop locally.

When you are starting a new business, you will need to put some consideration into whether you want a local number, a free / low call phone number or both for your company. You need to be clear on where your customers are located. Where will they be calling you from? By adding new local numbers (and you can have as many as you want), you can easily expand your business into cities all over the country.

Because locals take pride in their community and are becoming more eco-conscious, many of them prefer to invest in a local business rather than a large multinational or company that is located in another part of the country. If you want to show your customers you operate locally, one of the best ways to do so is to choose a local phone number with Kendlebell.

As a small business owner, having a local phone number attached to your business can give you a big competitive edge over other businesses which are not local or only offer national services.

Local numbers can be a valuable asset for a business when used by themselves or even when combined with a free / low call number. The great thing is, no matter how many different numbers you have, with a virtual phone number, all calls can be forwarded to you or a Virtual Receptionist at Kendlebell who will ensure you never miss a call.

Gain customer trust

Before they even contact you or purchase from you, potential customers will have analysed various signals of trust to decide if you’re a good company to buy from/hire. They may have read online reviews, asked friends for recommendations, reviewed your company page on social media or checked out your website.

Above all of these, there is one sometimes overlooked factor by businesses which can be a key decision maker for customers – a phone number.

Now everywhere is local. Create a virtual presence in any city or area of the country in Ireland as Kendlebell have every local telephone area code numbers. You can target new areas for your business without ‘bricks and mortar’ costs. If you are busy, then calls can be forwarded to Kendlebell’s Virtual Assistants.

Local numbers make your customers feel more connected to you. Customers often prefer to deal with businesses in their own locality.

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If you are seeking to establish a business presence in a different area or city or even a different country, providing a local contact phone number for potential customers in that area is key. Customers prefer to buy from or use local businesses so if you are using a foreign or non-local area code, this can be enough to sway them towards a different vendor.

Using virtual phone numbers with the area or country codes of the business areas you are targeting can help you to increase the likelihood of engagement from customers in that area. Even if you just have a remote employee on the ground there, you can empower them to build business in the area by providing a local virtual phone number.

When you are placing local adverts and undertaking local marketing, you will want to appear local or at least show you have invested locally. You need to provide a local touch to your business if you want to be successful.

Particularly with small businesses, virtual numbers can significantly enhance business profile.  Having separate virtual numbers for different departments or functions, even though they end up at the same place will make the organisation seem larger than it actually is and thereby give a boost to the organisation’s image.

 Separate business calls from private calls

Keep personal numbers private. Using your own mobile phone or home phone to accept calls requires actively publicising your private phone number. By switching to a virtual phone number, you can protect your personal number, even using the virtual phone number to show on the receivers call ID.

This will also prove a much more attractive option to employees who will undoubtedly be hesitant to have to provide their personal number to customers. A virtual phone number can also be a more cost-effective option than purchasing separate business phones for yourself and your employees.

 Save on costs

You especially don’t want to place added expense on your customers or prospects simply because they want to contact you. Incurring additional costs to call a business can prove off-putting to potential customers.

Making and accepting calls using a virtual international phone number is more cost-effective for you and your customers. Customers only incur the costs of phoning a local number while you can avail of low-cost rates as part of your virtual business number service.

How it works with Kendlebell

Kendlebell for a modest fee will set you up with a unique local or free / low call number. See  for more information.

What is available?

All area codes in Ireland plus UK, Northern Ireland and international numbers are also available

1800 Freephone numbers

These freephone numbers allow your customers to contact your business free of charge, from anywhere in Ireland (including mobiles). This is a great tool for driving sales and providing real customer care. The business pays for the call

0818 numbers

This enables people to call you from anywhere in Ireland for the price of a local /national rate call. You don’t pay to receive the calls.

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