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Telephone Support Services that will enhance your business

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Kendlebell are a premium provider of Geographic and Non-Geographic tele-numbers for businesses in Ireland and the UK. We also have long established porting contracts with all of the major telecoms companies which means that we port customer’s numbers from other networks on to our services seamlessly. See here for more details.

Through our telecoms platform, Kendlebell can supply the following number ranges:

  • 0818 National call
  • 1800 Free Phone
  • Area call (e.g., 01,021,061,071,091 etc)

Our Telephone Services include: –

Bespoke IVR – Interactive Voice Response or automated dept. routing

Kendlebell can apply an IVR solution to your calls before they reach your phone system (dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Service ….) so that you don’t need to purchase / install any equipment. We simply apply our service to your 0818, 1800 or area call number, then route calls through to you where and when you can take them.


Our Finder Service allows you, the customer, to control the time and the place at which calls are received. Our platform allows your calls to follow one path when the business is open and available to take calls and gives you the option to select up to three other time zones / destinations when the business is closed.

Call Record

Our network – based solution gives you the ability to record both your inbound and outbound phone calls. Upon completion of a call, the recording is converted into an audio file and stored within our Telecoms platform. The recording can be accessed through our web portal for 32 days as standard (storage duration extendable as required) and are downloadable to your own PC.


Kendlebell’ s Locator Service allows your 0818, 1800 or Area call number to be answered in a professional way and then have your calls distributed to multiple destinations through our advanced telephony platform.

Visit our website www.kbell.ie for more information. Some prices are listed on our site but call 01 912 0770 for more details. For our Inbound Call Answering and Diary Management service, we have a Price Calculator on our website so click here to calculate the monthly fee based on your estimated volume of calls