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If you are getting to the point in your company’s growth where you are struggling to meet growing volume, it makes sense to consider an outsourced Business Telephone Answering service. This will help your business in many ways.
Top notch Call Handling
When you outsource your business telephone answering to an outsourcer, you can avail of many advantages. A typical outsourcer will work with you to produce well-developed call scripts for their agents. Most reputable outsourcers will provide speech training to their agents so that problems related to speech rate, accent etc do not arise during customer interactions. In addition to the above, all outsourcers will give their agents access to sophisticated CRM packages so that the agent always has full details available when dealing with a customer.
Makes sense financially
Outsourcing your Business Telephone Answering can bring significant savings to a business. Developing your own in-house call centre can be very expensive and time-consuming. It requires significant investment in hardware, recruitment, and training. Generally, business owners try to handle incoming calls by hiring full-time agents. This brings the problem of unnecessary expenses as they must pay a salary, for holidays, sick leave and of course, when business is slow. By outsourcing, you can cut your cost per call, saving on staff and equipment, and only paying for the service on a “by Call” basis. i.e. This avoids the need to carry large fixed costs and allows you to incur expense only when you need to. See how much it will cost for your business by visiting our website here.
Maintain a professional image
When calls are being answered quickly and in a professional manner, it creates the correct impression for your customers. It portrays your company image as being pro-active and customer friendly. The agent will answer your calls to a script as agreed with you and will either patch the call through to the right person in your business and take a message and email or text on.
By outsourcing your business telephone answering, you are effectively scaling to meet demand. This will allow you to have all your calls answered professionally whether you are busy or in a quiet period. This can be very difficult to do with an internal team, requiring hiring and firing on a seasonal basis. It also means that you eliminate the requirement to deal with service outages. Most reputable telephone answering services will be supported by world-class technicians who can deal with outages efficiently, restoring service quickly.
Creating a good first impression
By outsourcing your business telephone answering service, you are ensuring that your calls will be answered in a professional and customer friendly manner. This will ensure the best possible response to customer enquiries on every call. You will typically work with the outsourcer to ensure that their staff are well trained in how to answer your calls. This means that whether the call is a prospective lead, information request or just a general enquiry, your customers and business partners will be answered efficiently and accurately.

Out of Hours calls
One of the key advantages to outsourcing your business telephone answering is that you can avail of 24/7 availability. You are not relying on your staff to work overtime or be available all day around. At the present time, customers want companies to be available around the clock so that queries related to products or services can be resolved at any time. For customers offering an E-Commerce offering, round the clock support is not even an option. It is essential. For businesses with markets in the USA or Australia capturing enquiries during their local business hours need to be handled during those hours. If you outsource your business telephone answering service, 24/7 service can be provided to your customer base.
Improved customer service
To allow companies to stand out when compared to their competition, first class customer service is required. If calls are not answered on time and in a professional manner, this can lead to a diminution in customer satisfaction levels among their customers. This where outsourcing your business telephone answering can help. Availing of such outsourced services can be helpful to companies as it will ensure that they always have high quality customer service without letting customer calls go unanswered. On a typical customer service call, customers are greeted personally at the start of the call, invited to share their problems, and are provided with prepared satisfactory resolutions to their problems in a timely manner. All of this contributes to better customer service.
Frees up time to spend on what really matters to your business.
In the business world, time is everything. You need to manage all aspects of the business to ensure your company’s growth. By opting to outsource your business telephone answering, you do not have to manage core and non-core business activities in tandem anymore, which means you can focus on what really matters for your business growth. You can do this in the knowledge that all your incoming, sales and customer service calls are being handled in a professional manner.
An integrated approach
Outsourcing your Business Telephone Answering can easily integrate very well with your existing customer structure. For example, incoming customer service calls can be handled by the outsourcer after they have trained their agents while more sensitive call such accounts queries can be taken directly by the internal staff of the company. This will work seamlessly without quality being compromised in any way.
By outsourcing your business telephone answering, you can ensure that your calls are answered quickly and politely, take advantage of the technology which most outsourcers will have invested in, and ensure that you have available to you at all times a large team of polite and knowledgeable call experts. This can all be done in a very cost-effective manner freeing up funds which can be invested in other parts of the business. Kendlebell provide a range of outsourced business telephone answering services to the Irish market.See more here .  See details of our company below.
Kendlebell Overview
Kendlebell was set up In Ireland in 2006 and now have 4 offices providing a diverse range of services to the SME market. We provide a range of Outsource Solutions to the Business Community. Among our services are:
• Telephone Answering / messaging
• Virtual Reception services
• Diary Updates
• Order Taking
• Back Office Processing
• Credit Card Processing
• 24/7 cover
• Telemarketing
• Customer Surveys
• Database cleansing
• Business Address
We provide a very Personalised and Cost-effective service. Kendlebell in Fairview currently have circa 250 customers ranging from quite large companies for whom we provide a range of the services listed above often connecting remotely to their in-house systems to start -ups and smaller companies where we are typically acting as their message centre of Virtual reception. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and effective service.
Our website address is: Our Freephone number is: 1800848646