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Many small businesses or sole traders have difficulty answering their phone when they are busy with a client or patient. It is considered bad manners to take a telephone call when you are treating a patient or in a meeting. Diary Management is a service that can ensure you can focus on your business, while business is being generated in your Diary, by a Virtual Receptionist.

What happens if you miss a call because you do not have Diary Management?

– It may go to an answering machine and that can be seen as impersonal or unprofessional
– It may not get answered at all
– You may miss an income related call
– It may be a cancellation and now you have a gap
– There may be a few calls to catch up on at the end of the day just when you want to finish

Many sole traders, professionals and small businesses cannot afford to have a receptionist answering their calls, especially as there may not be many calls on a given day. An external diary management service could save up to 70% of a receptionist salary! Imagine you are treating a patient and the phone rings – it is likely to be appointment related and therefore could affect your revenue.

How does contracting your Diary Management to an external provider work?

1. You need DM software so the service provider, and indeed you, can get access to the diary day and night. This may cost you €35 a month. It is backed up in the cloud
2. Provide safe and secure access via passwords to the provider so gaps can be filled, and changes made
3. Agree the way you want your business calls to be answered and actions taken
Remember, after the modest monthly fee (€30) you only pay per call – about €2.15 per call.

What are the benefits of a Diary Management service?

– Very positive first impression – so much more helpful than an answering machine
– The callers think it is your office and appointments can be made and cancelled instantly and messages taken and sometimes sorted
– You never miss a call – remember each call has the potential to generate income on your behalf – it may be too late when you call back later.
– Cancellations cost money, so a service that fills the gaps with those on a waiting list, can increase your revenue instantly
– There is no long list of call backs at the end of the day giving you better work life balance

This service is ideal for medical and health practitioners, sole traders, trades, service providers – anyone who is working with or on a client / patient and cannot take the call. Call Kendlebell if we can be of help to your business or practice or use our “Price Checker” on www.kbell.ie/prices to get costs. Why not try our 7 day FREE TRIAL https://www.kbell.ie/free-trial/ to see if this service suits you or checkout our Diary Management Service page here.

See our Diary Management Service

Kendlebell Overview

Kendlebell was set up In Ireland in 2006 and now have 4 offices providing a diverse range of services to the SME market. We provide a range of Outsource Solutions to the Business Community. Among our services are:

• Telephone Answering / messaging
• Virtual Reception services
• Diary Updates
• Order Taking
• Back Office Processing
• Credit Card Processing
• 24/7 cover
• Telemarketing
• Customer Surveys
• Database cleansing

We provide a very Personalised and Cost effective service. Kendlebell in Fairview currently have circa 200 customers ranging from quite large companies for whom we provide a range of the services listed above often connecting remotely to their in-house systems to start -ups and smaller companies where we are typically acting as their message centre of Virtual reception.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and effective service.

Our website address is: www.kbell.ie