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Diary Management Services – Client endorsements

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Diary Management Services  – outsource to the professionals and never miss a call!

Kendlebell provide Diary Management Services on behalf of a variety of customers, mostly professionals e.g., Physiotherapists, Doctors, Dentists. This involves the client outsourcing their online diary to Kendlebell which we can access securely and update as necessary. Typically, the calls will involve either making, changing, or cancelling an appointment. We can take volumes of calls for each client every day and it frees up our client to provide their services, safe in the knowledge that Kendlebell will fill up their diary with appointments and ensure they never miss a call.

Our Diary Management team provide a personal, friendly approach that can really make an impact and promote a professional experience with your business contacts, right from the start. Your diary management appointment scheduling will be as if it is your own staff doing it for you. In some cases, we provide administration services as well to our clients such as updating email and confirming appointments on their diary and contacting the patient to inform them of their appointment time.

For more on our Diary Management Service look here. 

Examples of Diary management Clients are as follows:

Physio Eireann – Physiotherapists with 2 branches based in Donegal.

Here is what Ciara Mooney, Clinical Director has to say about our services:

“We have been using Kendlebell for over five years now and would be lost without them. We cannot justify the cost of full-time admin and with Kendlebell, our calls are answered Mon-Fri 9-6 without fail. We don’t have to worry about getting cover for annual leave, maternity, or sick leave. They are efficient, professional and look after our patients as if they were part of our team.”

Another example is Ultrasound Ireland for whom we provide Reception and Diary Management Services. Kyle Bolton, Director, comments as follows:

“We’ve been using Kendlebell at Ultrasound Ireland for over 10 years. It’s been a tremendous help in helping us maintain a high level of customer service and availability. I highly recommend Kendlebell. We are very happy with the service and are looking forward to working together for many more years.”


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