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Benefits of outsourcing your Customer Helpdesk and Order Taking Service

Do you feel you lose potential customers due to not being able to handle all incoming calls?
Do you struggle with your order taking processes?
Are you looking for a more cost-effective way to service phone/email/chat inquiries?
Then let Kendlebell Fairview look after your Customer Helpdesk and Order Taking. By outsourcing customer service, you will gain many benefits. Read more about the service we provide here 
Outsourced Customer Helpdesk
We can act as your first point of contact and ensure any queries or problems that your customers may have, are expertly dealt with. At Kendlebell we ensure that all helpdesk procedures are followed and that your specific requirements are met. We help make your customers feel valued!
Why outsource your customer helpdesk? 7 key benefits here
1. Guaranteed first contact – answered always within seconds
2. Never too busy to take a call – overflow / holiday cover / sickness cover
3. Professionally answered by trained staff so it appears call centre staff are yours
4. Important messages screened and passed on immediately if you wish
5. Mundane tasks dealt with by lower cost call centre
6. Coverage evenings, night, and holidays
7. Costs on a “per call basis”

Handling Your Calls
Call Handling is a core part of the services offered by Kendlebell. Our experienced and friendly PA’s will handle your calls according to your instructions.

Services include capturing caller’s details and asking qualifying questions to get further information you may require. With each client, we agree call handling instructions to ensure our services benefit your company, freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business. We can link to your CRM /Sales Systems remotely and securely and update it. We also provide cold call screening as part of our phone answering services.

Messages will be forwarded on to you immediately by email or text, alternatively we can save and forward these messages at an agreed time. You will also receive a daily email summary of messages.

We handle all customer care scenarios:
Pre-sales support; Post-sales support; Email support; Live chat support; Telephone support; Order taking service; Returns and refunds; Appointment scheduling; Help desk support; Answering service; Surveys/market research; Third party verification service

Outsourced Help Desk summary
People might think that help desk outsourcing is all about saving money to positively impacting the bottom line. And it is true that help desk outsourcing can cost less than “doing it yourself,” but it is in the main due to various economies of scale and better guaranteed service.
We offer our clients 24 / 7 customer relationship management support (CRM) all year round. We provide various telephone answering services to cover your needs including office hours support, after-hours receptionist, 24 / 7 customer care and additional support (e.g. holiday cover, campaigns, etc). We will always answer all your calls in your name.

Outsourced Order Taking
We provide professional order taking call centre services with our highly trained customer support team to handle inbound interactions (call/email/chat) in a structured professional manner.
Our staff are specialised on certain products, product segments, services and are well trained not only to get new customers onboard, but also to retain current repeat customers and potentially cross- up sell your products or services.
Our team are trained and certified to represent your company and brand which gives the end customer the feeling of dealing with a streamlined highly customer focused organisation. We can update your sales order packages remotely (e.g. Sage, Salesforce, etc).

Our Outsourced Order Taking Service will generate more sales, due to
– better customer retention with professional, friendly, and highly motivated staff
– higher customer satisfaction scores and repeat purchases
– increased conversion of inquiries into new sales by upselling or cross selling
– no lost order with 24/7 service coverage

Benefits of Outsourced Order Taking Service
– extra time and resources enabling you to focus on your core value proposition
– no need to deal with human resource and operational challenges
– all orders taken as multiple staff available to take the calls
– agreed answering and order taking procedures, so calls are professionally handled in a friendly manner always

Back Office Processing

There are many tasks that can be outsourced that allow your company to focus on its core business and leave these taks to Kendlebell who will deal with them as they arise and can meet the resources required.

Kendlebell Overview
Kendlebell was set up In Ireland in 2006 and now have 4 offices providing a diverse range of services to the SME market. We provide a range of Outsource Solutions to the Business Community. See our price calculator to learn what your costs will be:-
Among our services are:
• Telephone Answering / messaging
• Virtual Reception services
• Diary Updates
• Order Taking
• Back Office Processing
• Credit Card Processing
• 24/7 cover
• Telemarketing
• Customer Surveys
• Database cleansing
• Business Address
We provide a very Personalised and Cost-effective service. Kendlebell in Fairview currently have circa 250 customers ranging from quite large companies for whom we provide a range of the services listed above often connecting remotely to their in-house systems to start -ups and smaller companies where we are typically acting as their message centre of Virtual reception. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and effective service.
Our website address is: Our Freephone number is: 1800848646