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Winter is coming!
With costs increasing all the time, now may be the moment to see if outsourcing your call answering is a viable solution. We have launched a new service aimed at taking the “Ticket calls” for IT call centres. We all know that first impressions are vital and none more so than on the telephone – see our tips below.
The hybrid working model is challenging for some companies and ideal for others. If you are experiencing challenges getting your calls answered or you notice that calls are being missed, we have a solution! Don’t forget that we offer a FREE TRIAL for a week so you can experience our service with no obligation and see if it works for you. Please pass this offer on to business colleagues who you think might benefit from this service.

Christmas is coming – are your call volumes increasing? Are you missing orders by not answering all your calls on time? We offer Pre – Christmas overflow cover and sickness cover if the winter bugs get any of your telephone answering staff.
Have a great festive season and warm regards to you and your families.
Best Wishes  Tom



NEW SERVICE – Outsourced Helpdesk and Ticketing Service
Kendlebell now provide Outsourced Helpdesk and Ticketing Services to many of our clients in the IT and other industries. As an outsourced telephone support service, we will provide our customers with a dedicated number which will terminate in our call centre. The Kendlebell staff will be trained on how to answer any FAQ’s before going live.

This service guarantees that all calls will be answered in a professional and friendly manner as if the telephone assistant was a company employee. Reduced frustration by customers is inevitable as they get to speak to an operator (they will not know this service is outsourced) and have their query answered or logged for a call back. Read more here….



Outsourced telephone answering can bring huge advantages to your business
If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you typically need to take on many duties during each working day. The traditional way to deal with your work requirements was to hire employees to share the workload. This can work but is also inclined to be very expensive and time consuming. Outsourcing can provide the same standard of service with more flexibility. Outsourcing also tends to be more affordable, with less paperwork and no upfront costs. With outsourcing you can get efficiencies, cost savings and flexibility.

The remote working model forced upon us in the Covid period answered many of the doubts and questions people had regarding online security, productivity and collaboration when working from home. Remote working has finally gone mainstream and is fast becoming the norm.
Outsourcing your Telephone Answering will save you money, save time and increase your flexibility – read more here




Why making a great first impression over the phone is vital in business?
The significance of first impressions is as important over the phone as it is in person – in fact because ending a conversation is so effortless over the phone it could be argued they’re even more important than face to face first impressions. With the latter, you have a whole range of ways in which you can conduct and present yourself including body language, eye contact when you talk and listen, friendly rituals (e.g., handshakes), the way you’re dressed, plus many more.

Over the phone you aren’t so lucky. You have your voice to portray the way you wish to come across and that’s it. Therefore, the way you answer a call is crucial because it can set the tone for a whole phone call and determine how customers perceive your business. Read more here


Testimonial – delighted to be of assistance to our clients

Read some more here

Pre-Christmas telephone cover
Does your business increase at Christmas time? Do staff take holidays in the run up to Christmas or have to use up their annual leave? If so, you may be short staffed. Outsourcing to Kendlebell makes sense as you only pay for the calls that are not answered by your team (overflow calls) or at times that you don’t have staff available – early morning, staff breaks or evenings. You never want to miss a call so let Kendlebell take those calls, so you never miss a call or give a negative impression.